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TOPIC: Question for the pro's here......

Question for the pro's here...... 13 years 6 months ago #1299

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[Pink Shell Shell advantage: Cost]
The advantage of a non-reporting pink sheet Shell: Cost

There has been a huge increase in the demand for Shells. Just like anything else, when demand increases, so does the price. This demand has trickled down into the non-reporting pink Shell market. They are much cheaper than reporting OTCBB Shells and you don’t have the associated cost of keeping then SEC compliant. But, you get what you pay for. In the case of non-reporting pink Shells, you don’t get much about their history.

In the past, I never included non-reporting pink Shells on the Profile List. I had many members asking for them so I started listing some last year. But, I probably won’t list any more. You just don’t know what you’re getting. is working to legitimize non-reporting pink sheet companies by offering a categorization system that allows the companies to provide adequate public disclosure in a timely manner. For more information, see

I believe that when you purchase anything: a car, a house, a diamond ring, a shell, and if it was misrepresented, you have grounds for a lawsuit.
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Question for the pro's here...... 13 years 6 months ago #1297

[Question for the pro's here......]

I have an interesting question. Maybe somebody can answer me that. There is a stock I follow. It is on the pinks and reverse merged with a pink shell.

Aside from any other fundamental things which are probably not of interest to anybody here, they claim the following.

The point is that some anonymous seller is selling almost every single day a certain amount of shares into the market. The mm's report these trades everyday AH.

Of course we all thought all the time that this is the company selling and diluting but the company did tell us more than a dozen times (to anybody who called and also not only the CEO but the president as well) that they are not selling.

They claim that it is an "old shell owner" selling these shares. They say that they got scammed and bought a dirty shell without knowing all the details as they see now. It seems that there are way more old certificates alive and legit and these guys sell right now.

Important to state is that they did a name change just recently to get rid of the shell name and now they tell us that these old shell certificate owners only have a certain amount of time to sell these shares and that's why they are selling so agressively.

They said they didn't know that this shell is so dirty and that they never would go that route again.

My qestions would be:

1. What is the main advantage to even go the way to buy a pinkie non reporting shell for the reverse merger instead a reporting OTC shell? I mean if one does that there must be an advantage.

2. Is the stated above from the company possible? Is it possible that they didn't know how many o/s there are really out there because the shell sellers scammed the company?

3. Is it possible that such old certificates suddenly appear and nobody from the company knew that at the time they bought the shell?

4. If the above is true, is there a rule out there as to how fast these old shell certificate owners have to sell their shares after a name change until they get worthless?

5. My question is also whether we can assume that the company is not serious and legit if they wanna go the route of a non reporting pink shell. I mean is that alone very suspicious or not?

One thing I did hear all the time is that the guys who sold this pinkie shell are famous for screwing people but does that mean it is possible that the above stated from the company is even possibly true?

The symbol is now but before the name change the symbol was!

Thanks a lot for anything anybody can share. I guess here are some guys who know this stuff pretty well and I would appreciate some comments because I wanna find out whether this company is kidding us investors or not because if not they are interesting.

Thx, Forex_Investor
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