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ISSG 12 years 1 month ago #1191

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[Re: ISSG]
Up over 80% in the last two days on higher than average volume.
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ISSG 12 years 4 months ago #1136

ISSG - .13 x .14 is a Shell -

As of November 9, 2006, the Registrant had 18,899,435 shares of its Common Stock, $.001 par value, issued and 10,974,435 outstanding. (Certain stockholders of the Company had returned a total of 7,925,000 shares in connection with the sale of the subsidiaries. The Company is engaged in the process of returning the shares to the treasury with the assistance of the transfer agent.)

SC 13D 2/14/2007

Sole Voting Power: 10,643,145
66.73% (including shares issuable upon the exercise of warrants)

Horace T. Ardinger, Jr. (the “Reporting Person”).
The Reporting Person is the co-founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and sole shareholder of H.T. Ardinger & Sons, Inc.(“HTAS”), a specialty imports wholesaler.

HTAS is the record owner of 5,668,920 Shares of Common Stock and 965,000 Warrants to purchase a total of 4,974,225 shares of Common Stock; each Warrant is presently exercisable. Each Warrant entitles the holder to purchase 5.1546378 shares of Common Stock at $0.20 per share. The number of Warrants which may be purchased is subject to adjustment under certain circumstances. The Reporting Person is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and sole shareholder of HTAS and may be deemed to beneficially own such shares.

Plan of Operations

Until the sale of the subsidiaries on September 28, 2006, the Company was a holding company and the shares of the Subsidiaries held by the Company constituted substantially all of the Company’s assets. Accordingly, since the sale of the subsidiaries, the Company has existed as a shell company with no subsidiaries and no business operations. The plan of operation of the Company is to seek a target company with which to merge or to complete a business combination. In any transaction, it is expected that the Company would be the surviving legal entity and the stockholders of the Company would retain a percentage ownership interest in the post-transaction company. The amount of the retained equity ownership by our stockholders will be negotiated by our management and the target company. The Company may not be required to obtain stockholder approval prior to any such transaction.

H.T. Ardinger and Son Co.

Private Company, Headquarters Location
Lewisville, TX 75057 United States
(214) 631-9830 , USA (214)634-1270 fax

Company Description: Wholesale: Horticultural Supplies

A founding Limited Partner of the Dallas Maverick's National Basketball Association Franchise in 1980

H.T. Ardinger has money.


Google search of H.T. Ardinger
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