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TOPIC: OCTI (was OCTU)-Octus Inc.

OCTI (was OCTU)-Octus Inc. 10 years 3 months ago #1453

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[OCTI has new owners and new direction]
OCTI is trying something new again.

Octus Recruits Senior Managers to Pursue Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Opportunities

Octus Inc. (OTCBB:OCTI) today announced that, effective February 24, 2009, it has hired Chris Soderquist as Chief Executive Officer of the Company and George Ecker as Chief Financial Officer. Soderquist and Ecker were also elected Directors of the Company.

Octus, which will do business under the banner of Octus Energy, seeks to establish itself as a leader in the alternative energy creation and conservation industries based on its “Repower, Renew, Results” strategy. The company will actively seek to license, acquire and commercialize industry-leading energy-efficiency solutions, in addition to pursuing the development and management of energy creation and conservation projects. As part of the transaction, Mr. Ecker and Mr. Soderquist have entered into three-year employment agreements with the Company and were subsequently each issued 15,000,000 shares of common stock for the contribution of services to the Company.

Mr. Soderquist has 17 years experience founding, managing, capitalizing and selling companies. Most recently, he co-founded and served as Managing Director of Crescendo, which was acquired in 2008 by Abercrombie and Kent. He also created and sold a marketing strategy firm, founded several software companies, managed two business incubators (Venture Lab and Technology Development Center), and served on the board of directors of Sierra Energy, Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy, Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance, and UC Davis Connect. He earned a BS from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and an MBA from the University of California, Davis.

Mr. Ecker is the President and Director of Nova Mobility Systems, a company specializing in the design and manufacture of rugged handheld mobile computers. He has more than 25 years of entrepreneurial and management experience in international and domestic ventures. Previously, Mr. Ecker was the President and Managing Director of Channel Financial Group, a financial services company providing corporate consulting and strategic services to international private equity managers. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, with honors, from the University of the State of New York.

“We intend for Octus to be a uniquely positioned clean energy company that commercializes energy-efficiency solutions as the owner and developer of energy creation and conservation projects and products,” explained Ecker. “We intend to acutely focus on deploying and capitalizing market-ready solutions that produce immediate and sustainable economic and environmental benefits.”

“Economic, innovation and public policy developments are creating an opportune environment for Octus,” said Soderquist. “Organizations are seeking pragmatic and immediate measures to reduce their energy costs. Innovative alternative energy and energy efficiency solutions are primed for commercialization. And, the Federal Stimulus Plan has more than $16 billion in relevant funding, including $4.5 billion to increase the energy efficiency of federal buildings, $6.3 billion in state energy-efficiency and clean- energy grants, and $6 billion in loan guarantees. There is an immediate, paramount opportunity for Octus to create and conserve energy through our proactive strategy.”


Chris Soderquist, 530-564-0200
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OCTI (was OCTU)-Octus Inc. 13 years 2 months ago #963

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[Re-adding to the Profile List]
Canceled previous deal per SEC filing today, so I'll be adding it back to the Profile List.

On February 22, 2005, we executed a non-binding Letter of Intent to effectuate a business combination with MicroSlate Inc., a Canadian corporation("MicroSlate"). However, as of December 31, 2005 the negotiations had been terminated with no further obligations remaining for either party.

SEC Filing
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OCTI (was OCTU)-Octus Inc. 14 years 3 months ago #853

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[Financial backing from New England Partners?]
It appears MicroSlate has financial backing from New England Partners.

Founded in 1995, New England Partners is a Boston based venture capital firm specializing in making equity investments in technology, healthcare, and consumer product companies. During the past twenty years, the professionals at NEP collectively have managed over $700 million in sixteen equity funds and have led investments in over 245 portfolio companies, resulting in a successful record of investment realizations through sales, IPO's and mergers. NEP is currently working out of its second fund, which is approximately $100 million.

New England Partners invests in companies specializing in technology, healthcare, and consumer products. We seek to work with the very best of entrepreneurs and management teams that are addressing large emerging markets that serve real needs.

Microslate Corp.

Microslate provides cost-effective mobile hardware solutions for business and government organizations which need to provide information to mobile workers. Microslate is a world leader in the design and manufacture of rugged mobile pen and notebook based computers and hardware systems.

Web Link
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OCTI (was OCTU)-Octus Inc. 14 years 3 months ago #852

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[Chicago police a big customer...]
FRAMINGHAM (02/18/2004) - Grand CIO Enterprise Value Award Winner




Revenue: NA

Employees: 16,600 sworn officers and civilian employees

Winning system: The Citizen Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting (CLEAR) relational database contains 8.5 million arrest records. By querying CLEAR data, Chicago Police more effectively and efficiently solve, predict and prevent crime.

Winning strategy: Ensured user participation in development and testing; received consistent support from top management

System anatomy: Oracle Corp. 9i relational database; MySQL AB SQL query and Crystal reporting tools; Sun Microsystems Inc. SunFire database and Internet application servers; Sun StorEdge Disk Array storage area network; removable MicroSlate notebooks for police cars

Business value: CLEAR has helped police increase Chicago's crime-solving rate by 11 percent, created time savings (193 full-time equivalents annually) by automating core tasks, and enabled integrated crime fighting with 225 other law enforcement agencies.

Initial investment and maintenance: US$40 million to date funded jointly by Chicago and partner Oracle; Oracle licensing fees of $550,000 for the first five years and $288,000 for subsequent years

IT executive: Ron Huberman, assistant deputy superintendent, information and strategic services

Business sponsors: Philip J. Cline, superintendent of police; Barbara McDonald, deputy superintendent of administrative services

Story Link
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OCTI (was OCTU)-Octus Inc. 14 years 3 months ago #851

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[Looks like 200k shares in the float...]
6,468,420 (total outstanding)
- 6,269,750 (insider holdings)
= 198,670 (float)

October 31, 2004 Common Stock, $0.001par value 6,468,420
Series C Preferred Stock $0.001 par value 250,000

Bradley W. Nemeth (1)(2), Director 1,250
0.0002% of Common Stock, if issued

John C. Belden (1), President & CEO, Director 10,000
0.002% of Common Stock, if issued

Robert A. Freeman (1)(2) 1,250
0.0002% of Common Stock, if issued

Grupo Dynastia S.A. (3)(5) 6,257,250 250,000
96.73% of Common Stock
100% of Preferred Stock issued

SEC Filings
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OCTI (was OCTU)-Octus Inc. 14 years 3 months ago #850

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[Reverse Merger with Microslate...]
REVERSE MERGER: Our Profile List stock OCTuS Inc. (OTCBB: OCTU 0.51 x 0.70) issued an 8K announcing they have executed a non-binding Letter of Intent to effectuate a business combination with MicroSlate Inc., a Canadian corporation MicroSlate is an industry leading provider of Mobile Data Solutions for rugged mission-critical environments. Headquartered just outside Montreal, Canada, the company also has offices in Florida, operates a Service Center in New York State and has Sales offices in Ontario, Texas, Arizona and Illinois. MicroSlate's rugged laptops, handheld computers and tablets provide mobile workforces with the computing power and communications capabilities required in today's fast-paced and demanding situations. Their devices are widely used by police forces and fire departments across the United States. MicroSlate's solutions are also widely used by field technicians, specifically in the Telecommunications and Distribution sectors. MicroSlate also provides comprehensive software solutions, focused specifically on Healthcare and Aerospace applications. Their Electronic Records Management (ERM) Systems allow clinics and hospitals to fully manage all their information requirements, from patient and resource scheduling, to patient records management and electronic prescriptions. MicroSlate's Aerospace Systems enable aircraft maintenance crews to perform comprehensive inspections and facilitate the filing of required reports in demanding and time-critical environments.


MicroSlate website
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