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REVERSE MERGER: our profile list stock EURB stated they acquired approximately 81% of the issued and outstanding capital stock of, Inc., a membership based credit management and financial services company with 10,000 members and a membership fees of $21.95 per month.'s web site is located at Currently with 9,643,996 shares outstanding (not verified), they declared a reverse stock split of 1 for 40.  


REVERSE MERGER: our profile list stock ETKA (.03x.045) announced they have entered into a letter of intent with Tradequest Inc. a Utah corporation engaged in the business of providing a barter exchange for goods and services for business and consumers.  Tradequest's web site appears to be located at Currently with 28,360,346 shares outstanding, they declared a reverse stock split of 1 for 50, and will issue 2,000,000 new post split shares.



MICG filed an 8-K today reflecting the sale of their computer conferencing and telecommunications business to Greensteel on 10/24/2000. After paying off all debts, they will have about $1,210,775 or $0.26/share in cash.  They are currently in negotiations with a potential merger partner in a high-tech industry.  They also have the potential to earn another $1.5mil on earn-out payments over a 5-year period.  Also, they kept $402,919 in accounts receivable.  Insiders purchased 323,000 shares on 6/30/2000 via an option-related Form 4 Buy.  Currently trading at a discount to cash at .15 bid x .18 ask.



CDSI filed an 8-K today.  They have sold the remaining assets of the cigarette vending route business.  They are now a fairly clean shell trading at cash value ($250,509 or .08/share, quote of .08 bid x .09 ask).  They are the 3rd lowest valued Shell Stock on the Profile List with 3,120,000 shares outstanding and a float of 1,586,667 shares. The company has ties to New Valley Corporation (NASDAQ:NVAL), an investment banking and brokerage company.  It is interesting that Carl C. Icahn holds 5.5% of NVAL  For more information on the company and management, see CDSI.



GDIC will issue a 1 for 10 reverse split on 10/17/2000. New symbol will be GNDV.



REVERSE MERGER: Our profile list stock BCSC (.04x.06) will reverse merge into AutoVenu, Inc., a software developer targeted at specific business-to-business e-commerce industries.   It appears this was a very quiet deal considering no shares traded today after the SEC 8-K form was filed.  The float appears to be about 3.5mil shares (not including the old insider holdings).  MARK MOLDENHAUER, the new President, Secretary, and Director will own 82% of the common stock and 95% of the preferred stock. He was previously VP of (OTCBB: AUTC, $2).  Following is his bio from AUTC: Since 1986, he has been engaged in the business of arranging public and private mergers, acquisitions, and the placement of equity and debt financing through his firm, MRM Consultants. In connection with rendering those consulting services, he has served as a director of numerous public and private companies. Mr. Moldenhauer was involved in management consulting services from 1980 to 1985 through Ball Management. From 1978 to 1980, he was a tax specialist for the Adolph Coors Company in Golden, Colorado, and from 1976 to 1978, he worked as an auditor for the national accounting firm then known as Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. He received a master's degree in accounting from the University of Arkansas in 1976.



CHIP will become EURB ( tomorrow after a 1 for 25 reverse split.